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Early Access

Early Access / Named Patient Programs

Telix is often contacted by physicians to provide access to our products as part of Named Patient or Early Access Programs (EAPs). We respect the treatment journey of the patient and the independence of healthcare professionals in making their treatment decisions. Telix tries to accommodate such requests whenever it is clinically, ethically or practically feasible to do so.

You can find Telix’s compassionate use policy here.

EAP Enquiries
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Discover the ANMI™ product line

medicine : PSMA-11 vial

PSMA-11 Glass Vial

Box of 5 sterile 10mL vials containing each 25 µg of PSMA-11

medicine : Buffer vial, for EZAG generator

Buffer vial, for EZAG generator

Box of 5 sterile acetate buffer vials, configuration A (for use with Eckert&Ziegler generator)

medicine : Buffer vial, for IRE generator

Buffer vial, for IRE generator

Box of 5 sterile acetate buffer vials, configuration B (for use with IRE-Elit generator)


Telix Manufacturing Solutions (TMS) is a centre of excellence for radiopharmaceuticals

The 2800 m2 facility, strategically located in Belgium's Radiopharma Valley, will allow Telix and its partners to reach new heights in research and manufacturing.

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TMS offers a diverse set of products and services, combining the manufacture of radioisotopes and commercial and clinical products with opportunities in research and development.

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The TMS Alpha Lab will allow for the development of alpha-emitting isotopes, which are widely considered to be the next frontier in radiopharmaceuticals.

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TMS will house nine Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) lines which will operate under fully qualified conditions to ensure the most rigorous quality assurance.

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TMS will help meet the rapidly increasing demand for radiopharmaceuticals to ensure that patient needs can be met both today and in the future.


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Telix Innovations SA, Rue de Hermée 255, 4040 Herstal, Belgium.

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